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Astronomy community - EGI teleconference

29 April 2011


  • Claudio Vuerli
  • Harry Enke
  • Giuliano Taffoni
  • Marcos Lopez Caniego
  • Franck Le Petit
  • Steve Brewer - EGI.eu
  • Gergely Sipos - EGI.eu
  • Astrophysics community was part of EGEE since the second phase. Now the community is in the EGI-InSPIRE project
  • An email list exists
  • Recent EU proposals submitted by the team did not get funded
  • Only few users up to now, but the community has huge potential to grow
  • Gateway(s) that hide the complex technology from users is/are needed
    • Q: Could the community further define the requirements/parameters of such gateway and feed these as requirements?
  • HPC will win the battle against grid technology if grids cannot be simplified and/or the complexity cannot be hidden
  • Funding of German astrophysics community was turned down during the project.
  • The community used Globus middleware
  • Was involved in the recent EU proposal with Claudio
  • Some European related projects are not represented here yet. We should include them
    • Q: Which projects, who are the contacts?
  • Works with Claudio since EGEE
  • Lack of funding for training and development of specialised tools
  • Moved applications to HPC cluster because maintenance and development there requires less effort
  • The community uses more complex applications than "monte-carlo simulation" (typical in High energy physics). E.g. MPI, workflows, integration of different DCIs. Many of the required functions are currently not yet provided by EGI
  • MPI not available - or not properly backed up with training and dissemination.
  • EGI can help the community map out the needs. A F2F meeting could facilitate this
  • For the VRC we need a spokesperson, not a leader. We do not force groups to sit together under a single leadership
  • EGI has an established requirement gathering process. The community's requirements must be collected and feed into this process.
  • Work is ongoing on several fields that you mentioned as a blocking for the astrophysics community (e.g. MPI is already stabilised). Specific details can be given either now, or through your specific requirements.
Claudio volunteered to setup a Wiki site where requirements can be collected from all parties

Harry: The community should draft a document that summarises the requirements. A document could be better than a Wiki at this stage. Collect input into the document from personal contacts.

Steve: Interviews are good. We send you info about the requirement gathering tool, so you can enter requirements during the interviews.

Harry: We should identify the people who do virtual observatory work and those who do grid work and get them site together in a workshop and discuss how to work together.

Claudio: A similar workshop has been organised in the past. Claudio and Giuliano can send the link to EGI about this. A report has been prepared by Claudio during the transition to EGI. He will send this to EGI.

Workshop could be organised at the "Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems (ADASS) conference" (to be held in October/November in Paris)

Harry: This conference is normally lasts for a week. Attending a co-located workshop can be too much for many people. The Virtual Observatory members hold meetings regularly. An afternoon could be used at one of these meetings to discuss EGI topics.
Another meeting will be held in Saint Petersburg in July: http://www.jenam2011.org/conf/
Regardless of the location, anything before the autumn is not realistic. People already made arrangements for summer.


  • EGI to send info about the requirement gathering process and tool to the community
  • Claudio to send info about reports, requirements that were prepared/gathered by the community during EGEE. EGI to enter these into the system
  • Claudio (or others?) to Information about workshops (and output of these workshops) that were held during EGEE with astrophysics and grid people involved
  • EGI to draft a LoI and send out to the community for comments.
  • Sketch out an agenda for a joint EGI-community workshop, identify date and location
  • Community to setup an email list. This will be promoted in EGI and in the community with the announcement of "LoI is signed with..."
  • Harry and others to indicate projects and persons who should be involved in our discussions already at this stage
  • EGI to setup another telcon in ~4 weeks time. Choose date by a doodle poll

-- ClaudioVuerli - 2011-07-21

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